Band πŸ’– Summer Camp 2024

Our amazing band, long term friends and collaborators, playing for the first time at Stockton!

Tom, Ralph, and Brian have been playing international dance music together for more than twenty years. In addition to their numerous independent musical activities in the Boston area, they have played for dance events across the US and Canada as part of the Pinewoods Band.

Tom Pixton πŸ’– Band Leader, accordion, vocals, and keyboards

Tom is one of Boston’s most active International, Balkan, and Scottish folk dance musicians. He has worked with most of today’s most accomplished dance teachers and musicians as accordionist, pianist, band leader, music arranger, and CD producer. As a soloist or with the Pinewoods Band, he has provided dance music for dance camps, workshops, and special events in the US, Canada, and Japan. He has provided music leadership for the Boston Branch of the Royal Scottish Dance Society, Cambridge Revels, and the Folk Arts Center of New England.

Ralph Iverson πŸ’– Violin, gadulka, tambura, and kaval

Ralph started playing for international folk dancing in 1985. He has been a member of many folk dance groups including Mandala Folk Dance Ensemble (orchestra director), Cambridge Folk Orchestra, Pinewoods Band, Pajdashi, Rakija, Zdravets, and Zornitsa. Ralph also plays violin and viola with several Boston-area community orchestras.

Brian Wilson πŸ’– Violin and clarinet

Brian has been involved with international folk dance music in the Boston area for more than thirty years, being equally versatile on fiddle and clarinet, as well as tambura, recorder, and voice.Β  Groups include Flying Tomatoes, Pinewoods Band and Shining Moon.Β  Brian also plays for other dancing, including Scandinavian and English, and enjoys playing hardingfele and nyckelharpa.